Thursday, March 9, 2017

TrumpCare Republicans know more than Medical Providers, Doctors, Hospital CEO's and Insurers!!!

Why didn't Democrats toss off tea party protesters as paid off lackey's of the Koch brothers who opposed the Affordable Care Act? 

Why didn't Democrats brush off complaints about climate change as the last gasps of industry special interests willing to say anything? 

Democrats never denounce anything or predict failure and disaster over pending Republican legislation. It actually gives everyone the impression Republicans have a legitimate argument to make.

TrumpCare Disaster: Now Republicans are slamming a huge swath of their voters; doctors!!! Doctors have been a big voting block for Republicans, but even they have had it with their parties attack on health care.

Republicans pushing the legislation are unfazed by the criticism, charging the groups are simply to seek to protect the benefits they received from the Affordable Care Act.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Wednesday pushed back, saying the legislation isn’t aimed at winning over special interests.
“We would love to have every group on board, but every single deal we heard about getting through [in ObamaCare] … over and over again, it was one deal after the other, to buy votes to get it through the Senate,” he said, in response to questions about criticism from the AMA and AARP.

“If you want to line up how many special interests that got paid off last time versus now, they’ll probably win, hands down. This isn’t about how many special interests in Washington we can get paid off, it’s about making sure that patients get the best deal that lowers prices.”
Many industry and patient groups are charging Republicans with the opposite: making care more expensive and harder to pay for, in addition to potentially taking away coverage from millions of Americans.
This didn't go over well. Modern Health Care:
The CEOs are impatient, especially after Trump's recent statement—which amused and alarmed many of them—that “nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.”
Republicans aren't interested in getting input from every front line health care provider. That can't be good:

Of CEOs responding to the survey, 77.9% oppose repealing the ACA, even with the promise of a replacement plan and a transition period. And 79.2% favor keeping the law's expansion of Medicaid coverage to low-income adults, which would be eliminated or phased out in most Republican proposals. 

The Power Panel is mostly made up of leaders of large hospitals and health systems, including some that operate their own health plans. But the participants also include CEOs of insurers, suppliers and technology companies, as well as associations representing sectors across the industry.
That's not all:
1. Nearly two-thirds (65.4%) want to preserve generous premium subsidies so no one pays more than a set percentage of income for health insurance. That contrasts with the House GOP plan to base premium tax credits on age rather than income. 

2. About the same percentage prefers to keep the ACA's minimum essential benefits, which would be erased under Republican plans.

3. Just 2.6% want to kill the law's requirement that nearly everyone buy coverage, a prime target of the repeal effort.

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