Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Parody “Paul Ryan: The Magazine” seeks funding on Kickstarter. What's not to like?

Check out this noble cause on Kickstarter. I came across this clicking on an old Firedoglake link. Shadowproof:
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Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is both a media darling, who positions himself as a leader that can temper President Donald Trump’s extremism, and an embodiment of much of Ayn Rand’s most destructive ideology, who is eager to carry out the agenda of the Koch Brothers. He is a character ripe for satire.

Andrew Lipstein and James Folta developed an “unofficial” parody magazine called “Paul Ryan: The Magazine.” It is a single-issue project that will be in color and span more than 160 pages. It will hopefully be funded through Kickstarter, and it will satirize Ryan as well as magazines in general. As of Feb 10, the project crossed the $10,000 mark on Kickstarter ... which it must reach to receive any money raised ... they expect to produce about 1,000 copies of the magazine and distribute it in October.

Desperate times call for dastardly magazines.

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