Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Free Market Health Care Disaster now the Republican Rage...

Republicans automatically assume nothing will never need increased funding. Increasing taxes for that funding, no matter what, is not going to happen.

So getting rid of programs running on empty or coming up short is the answer. It's an odd reaction to life saving invaluable safety net "entitlements." It's what makes us a civilized society.

Virginia Republican Rep. Dave Brat in the interview below doesn't remember life before the ACA. People were dying due to their lack of affordable health care or preexisting conditions. Just as bad, small businesses were crushed out of existence by health care costs, and entrepreneurs were discouraged from going out on their own for lack of health care coverage.

Brat wants to go back, and dabble in the Milton Friedman experiment. Sure it could devastate the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, but taxpayers are already paying for Brat's own health care, what's it to him?
Brat: "...the current system is collapsing on its own logic. So when you have a bad promise, and the other side has designed a system, and the cars in the ditch, and socialism didn't work, then the onus of the argument is all of a sudden on our free market guy."
Yup, because the free market doesn't work for health care.

Brat: "You have heart procedures here that are $150 grand, then in India are $15 grand.

Brat might be shocked to learn....
The health care system in India is universal. That being said, there is great discrepancy in the quality and coverage of medical treatment in India. Healthcare between states and rural and urban areas can be vastly different.
Brat also brags about Milton Friedman's free market solution, similar to what we're hearing from every other Republican loser, especially Paul Ryan. What these guys aren't telling you about Friedman's plan might help Americans buy health care. The negative income tax, a government check sent to income poor Americans so they can live a decent life, maybe even buy insurance. Big piece of the Friedman puzzle:


  1. Democrats automatically assume money grows on trees and throwing more of it at the symptom somehow magically produces the cure.

    What's the GDP of India? What's the debt to GDP of India? How many countries does India protect militarily or to which provide foreign aid?

    Stupid progressive idiots. Don't even know what a "grand" is. Couldn't even take a few hours to study the problem they think they already have the solution to.

    Reality check. There is NO government PUBLIC money!

  2. Tax cuts don't pay for the needs of the people. Money pays for things freeloader. ACA was again, paid for. I didn't bring up India, Dodo did. I pointed it up because it didn't make
    sense. Comprehension problem? "Grand?" What are you talking about?

    Breaking news, yes, we spend toooo much on the military..Need that money to pay for universal health care.

  3. That Marxist crap will get you a one way ticket to living in a box under an overpass somewhere. The needs of the people are paid for by productive capacity. Not "money" of which you know nothing about.

    Have you even bothered to find out the difference between money and legal tender yet? Obviously not. Do you know what a US Treasury bill is? Who is going to continue to buy US debt at 105% debt to GDP? Who are the largest holders? China and Japan are net sellers now.

    A "freeloader" tries to apply the initiation of force against others by making them pay everybody else. That's you. I have no problem paying for myself, my family, and an already extremely high tax bill each year. Only a complete ignoramus would still complain that the state isn't paying for everybody's needs.

    So here's a sincere question and I would love to hear your answer... how much of my income should I be forced to pay before deciding to shut down my business? 50%? 75% 100%? What would be enough for you? And how would I be able to pay for my own healthcare, mortgage, groceries, utilities, etc. if I have to give it all to you?

    Paid for. That's just laughable.

    How much did that Obamacare website cost again? Over $2 billion dollars? If completely slashing 100% of the military budget could pay for "universal health care," Medicare would not be underfunded by 27 TRILLION dollars in the first place. Have you ever looked at the entire budget for the US Federal government? I have. Obviously math, finance, budgeting, and economics are not progressives strongest areas of expertise.

    You are clearly delusional. Perhaps you should try a new more productive profession rather than lying to everyone and never being able to accept the fact that you are wrong about everything. I don't know what that would be. Is there a demand for complaining all the time?

  4. So Brat claims that "socialism didn't work." In other words the right wing Heritage Foundation must be a front for left wing commie socialism (probably should throw the words kenya and facism in somewhere) since they are the original source for Romney/Obamacare. Hope Brat turns down any campaign funding or assistance from Heritage then.

  5. The link above looked at what would happen if all benefits were repealed on the ACA exchanges, not the elimination of the ACA, which the CBO looked at in 2015, and will again in days. It stated:

    "CBO and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation estimate that, over the next decade, a repeal of the Affordable Care Act would probably increase budget deficits with or without considering the effects of macroeconomic feedback."

    Admit it, anonymous is a freeloader, who will never want to take responsibility and pay his share of taxes.

  6. lol. Because the CBO always gets everything right.

    I often wonder how much tax revenue you generate for the State. It can't be that much since you're always just complaining on this blog.

    You probably let your wife do all the work and try to suck as much welfare from the rest of us productive people like a boring cuck.

    How much exactly is one's "fair share" anyways? That seems to be a pretty vague concept.

  7. I've got a question; when has Congress always guy it right? That shut down was a good idea too.

  8. If you think that was bad, just wait until the US Dollar devaluation happens. You'll really love that one.

    There are no unconscious solutions to collectivist problems. There are only conscious individual solutions.