Thursday, September 23, 2010

You carry a Gun, You Threaten my Family.

It’s time for all of us to take back our communities, safety and sanity, by calling in a public disturbance anytime we see someone carrying a gun in our community.

Ask yourself a few questions; Just what argument are they going to win with their firearm? Just what public shoot ‘em up do they think they’re going to win? Are these grown-ups, who never did grow up? Are they rebelling against authority? Do they threaten “domestic tranquility,” as written in the preamble and Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution? And so the story begins…

Five men questioned by Madison police for having holstered handguns in a restaurant on Saturday night have been cited for disorderly conduct, because the complainant felt violence was possible. Initially, two of the five men were issued obstructing a police officer citation because they refused to produce identification. The other three were not cited.
What were the two gun men tying to hide by not showing an ID? How do we know they weren't illegally in this country planning an armed attack on restraunt goers?
The complaint about the armed men sitting at Culver's was made by a 62-year-old Madison woman who called 911, saying she didn't know what the law was but wanted police to check out the situation because she didn't want to be "that one person who saw guns and didn't call and something terrible happens."

"The complaint clearly reveals she recognized the potential for violence from these armed men and it was this fear that motivated her call to police," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

"It is my expectation that MPD officers encountering individuals who are armed with firearms in public places will take a pro-enforcement approach," Wray said in the memo. "If the investigation shows probable cause for a violation, the suspect should be arrested or cited," Wray said.
What we should watch for is how the courts will determine what constitutes a public disturbance or danger. Will it decide against a perceived threat to an individual or family, and allow armed individuals to roam freely around unarmed defenseless Americans, just so we can avoid lawsuits? Is there a Constitutional issue regarding a citizen’s right to domestic tranquility, knowing there are untrained, emotionally unstable armed individuals mixing into our public places? If law enforcement screens out applicants they find unfit to carry a gun and protect society, why don’t we have similar protections in place to weed out paranoid open carry advocates?
Madison Sgt. Shawn Engel said police can cite individuals for refusing to identify themselves depending on "the totality of what goes on ... in the event that we're investigating." "The concern we would have, if any business calls, is that we don't know the persons' intent, who they are or what their intentions are," he said. "Whether they have a legal right to carry, we are certainly not going to infringe on those rights, but we have to insure the safety of the community as a whole."
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  1. The author's suggestion that the police should be called anytime some exercises a constitutionally protected right is absolutely absurd. Should we call every time someone goes to church? The author is advocating and urging the general public to harass those who carry. It begs the question, what other groups would this author encourage people to openly harass?

    If one visits and actually listens to the 911 call, it is clear that the statement released by the police is FALSE!

    It is also the view of many that the NEW policy of (Stop, Arrest, Seize, Identify, Release, Cite) is unconstitutional as there is no evidence of a crime. That is why Madison is now being sued.

    Even retired police officers see the writing on the wall, this will cast Madison BIG time!

  2. Evidence of a crime is not the issue, as I have written clearly in the story, it's the fear that normal everyday God fearing working class Americans feel when they should feel secure.

    Harass gun toting bullies? Is that what you call it? I call what they do frightening the public, and my encouragement is not to create a situation, but fight back and not be intimidated from reporting the danger one feels by these open carry thugs.

    Nothing is more constitutional than the guarantee of feeling secure, while still allow gun crazy zealots to play with their preoccupation in the privacy of their homes.