Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Right Winger Condescends, Supports Tea Party Fascism

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I love getting this stuff. It's so easy to see how decidedly uninformed the angry conservative white movement is. I understand there should be an opposition party, but what we're getting is an opposites party. Here's the comment from one of the many stories here:

You should come down and visit Earth, the weather is nice down here. The U.S. has the greatest healthcare in the world, which caters to the needs of the wealthy, middle class, and poor. The most prosperous countries in the World are so because of free market economics...maybe you were busy reading your autographed copy of the Communist Manifesto the day they taught history at your school. Unemployment needs to be cut off so that people have an incentive to get jobs.
"Communist Manifesto?" Maybe you've been watching a little too much Glenn Beck, or some other paranoid conservative fascists willing to turn their government over to corporate interests. Ooops, they've already done that and have all the power. So isn't it time to take our country back?

The haves and have not’s isn't truly an "American" ideal. It's elitism cloaked in "freedom and liberty."

In normal times, unemployment is cut off, but these aren't normal times, yet.
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