Monday, September 13, 2010

Walker Fakes Ignorance over Obamacare Handout, then Admits He's Taking it to SAVE TAXPAYERS MONEY!!!

Under the health care reform law, employers will get retirement help in the form of funding for the Early Retiree Insurance Program, normally a huge cost to businesses and government. Milwaukee applied and got it. But poses a problem for Obamacare repeal and reform conservatives like Scott Walker who love to take the money and pose for holy pictures, while bashing the program for the benefit of their angry uniformed base to get their vote?

Filled with contradictions and unfamiliarity with the program, paid for through health care reform as a way of saving more of the publics money, Walker should not be let off the hook. A week has gone by since this piece appeared on WPT's Here and Now, and not question from the media about a conflict between his position against health care reform and taking the federal money:
Walker: "The bottom line is we'd be better off, as a state if we were
able to do it...(repeal Obamacare)"

Host: "But it's okay to go for the money now?"

Walker: "Again, I gotta look at....I haven't signed off on anything
like that..."
Huh? Didn't Walker request and then receive assurances he would be receiving Obama's Early Retiree Insurance money? It took awhile for Walker to rephrase something more "tea party" friendly. So, like all fast talking con men, Scott Walker'ed back his feigned look of ignorance and speechlessness with this press release:
"The county executive does not agree with the federal health care mandate, but it is the law and THE COUNTY WILL SEEK RELIEF under the current law for its taxpayers."
Funny isn't it, the county and taxpayers will get RELIEF from a government program like Obamacare. And no one in the media noticed the benefit or Walker's twisting in the wind flip flops.

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