Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family Safety takes back seat in Open-Carry debate: Yet 45% want stricter gun laws/26% fewer, split on open-carry & 55% against concealed carry.

The conservative leaning Wisconsin State Journal (no link yet) suggested it had a pro-carry bias, and that guns were “safe” in its recent series, “Open carry: Safe v discomfort.”

Another words, carrying guns in public is safe, and a separate issue from feeling “discomfort” around strangers with loaded guns? But there was this moment of honesty in the piece:

But it’s also created a backlash against the open-carry advocates from some unlikely sources: other gun owners.

“I don’t think (open-carry advocates) represent ordinary family-oriented fun owners,” said Adam Schesch of Madison, a 68 year-old target shooter and deer hunter…Schesch said he and his wife frequently eat out with their teenage grandchildren at places like Culver’s.

“If we came into a restaurant and saw people with guns, we’d turn around and walk out,” he said. “I would feel really unsafe.”

You can either buy into Schesch's family values logic or believe this:
But open-carry advocates say they feel unsafe without their guns, and other should, too. “At the moment you’re getting your head beat in, you probably wouldn’t mind someone being on scene with a gun.” Auric Gold said.
That’s just third world scary, and why this letter to the editor takes the issue to its final conclusion:
When the Madison Police responded to the call at Culver's restaurant with eight officers, they were looking for trouble, and one of the men stated the police officers had an attitude problem.
Law enforcement, those guys on the front line ensuring our public safety, are the real danger!

As Ammoland’s Executive Director Shaun Kranish writes: Latest on Madison Police Chief Noble Wray’s Open Carry Debaucle.
That’s…debacle! But beside the spelling mistake, Kranish continue to ignore the plight of parents and their kids:
Rather than educating the public that open carry is legal and there’s no need to call the police unless something suspicious or threatening is happening…
WE need to be educated, so WE aren’t afraid of people carrying guns in public? WE need to change basic human behavior and our natural sense of detecting danger for a small contingent of immature, insecure paranoid adults? For open carry bullies, they feel victimized by the concerns of fathers and mothers everywhere:
Open Carry can be considered disorderly conduct, because someone may not like it…
No, actually, someone may feel fearful around STRANGERS with loaded guns. But gun goons feel we need to be reeducated, and reprogrammed, to ignore our sense of self preservation? Kranish mocks that instinct:
Disorderly conduct doesn’t require a disturbance to take place, just a “perception” that one’s actions could possibly cause a disturbance.
…or death? Instead of understanding the general public’s fear of guns, they resort to calling us names because we disagree:
You give power to imbeciles incapable of critical thinking … They open their mouth, or write their name and their foolhardy ideas on paper, and freedom goes out the window.
The graphic above tells us something completely different. Check out the reactions of a few citizens asked by the Capital Times about open carry: HERE

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  1. Well John, I guess you think the police will always be there to protect you and your loved ones from harm? When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Maybe you could explain how well your style of thinking worked out for the Mayor of Milwaukee when he was severely beaten outside of the WI state fair. Please explain how effective the police are at stopping the daily rapes and murders throughout the state too. What do you feel is so wrong with people taking the initiative, and having the proper tools to protect themselves and their loved ones against the bad people in the world. I do not leave the responsibility of my safety up to others, Instead I choose to be able to defend myself if the need ever arises. Maybe you should learn how to protect yourself instead of relying on others too.