Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Strange Tea Party Passion to Reduce their Role in Government, and Give it to Corporatists who only care about profits.

I'm so tired of reading about why I'm supposed to take the tea party movement seriously. I'm supposed to respect their angry rhetoric based on trumped up lies and fictions about health care and socialist safety nets created to solve past inhumanities. It's not written in a Constitution that was never supposed to enumerate every right or program created by our government or allowed by God.

It's wrong to criticize tea party crowds that say the dumbest things about Obama simply because they have inspired average Americans to finally take their country back from the "other," an unqualified non-executive Kenyon black president.

Hell, what could be wrong with wanting to wipe the slate clean of the last 150 years of change? Any criticism is unwarranted and coming from an elite establishment of liberal whiners who don't get it.

What they want is an ugly unregulated free-for-all, a mess, controlled by those seeking power and profits. Honesty and all things good will fill the void left by a shrinking government. Despite story after story describing businesses across America threatening to close up shop if wages and benefits aren't permanently slashed, liberty loving patriots have come to the realization they've been living well beyond their means and deserve to live a more modest downsized life.

When a government created corporation was granted personhood by an activist conservative Supreme Court, the tea party movement never thought to question their new second class status as individual persons, with dramatically fewer rights than these business entities.

Look, everyone knew the Republican Party had been working on this agenda for years, but I never thought I'd see the day when low, or no information tea party voters would get the GOP's job done under the patriotic banner of freedom and liberty. How easy was that?

It looks like radio host Thom Hartmann came to a similar conclusion:

The Tea Party Win - The Leading Cry of the Rich? Continuing the "GOP nightmare," Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell (DE), who doesn't believe in evolution and says masturbation is the same as adultery, beat longtime Republican congressman Mike Castle in Delaware's Republican Senate primary.

In New York, Buffalo multimillionaire and Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino won the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Paladino had forwarded racist and pornographic e-mails to friends, and Democrats generally are regarding both of
these wins as good news.

Given that the Tea Party was started and funded by a small group of oil billionaires and lobbyists, they shouldn't be taken for granted - and may even be the leading edge of the final total corporatist takeover of America, much as populist uprisings in Spain, Italy, and Germany in the 1930s all turned into regimes run for the very rich - the dictionary definition of fascism.

The leading cry of the rich? "No taxes on rich people to pay to help working people, no rights for workers, and no regulation of corporate activity." Ironically, these are also the main messages of the Tea Party. Even some mainstream Republicans are starting to get worried...

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