Monday, September 20, 2010

60Plus ad Demands we keep waste and fraud in Medicare, and overpay Advantage!! Now that's fiscal conservatism.

Getting old people to denounce getting rid of waste and fraud, while saving Medicare, is probably as low as anyone can go, especially from this industry lobbying group. This cookie cutter ad takes aim at candidates in multiple states, including this one attacking Democratic Rep. Ron Kind in Wisconsin.

If you're not offended by the ads idiocy, then welcome to the tea party.

According to Politifact:

Getting back to the Truth-O-Meter, the 60 Plus ad says that the new health care law "will cut $500 billion from Medicare. That will hurt the quality of our care." The ad loses points for accuracy because the $500 billion aren't actual cuts but reductions to future spending for a program that will still grow significantly in the next 10 years.

The ad also says those cuts will "hurt the quality" of seniors' care. But we find that to be a highly contentious subject, and the 60 Plus ad doesn't hint at any of the ways that the reductions are ways to make Medicare more efficient. Finally, the ad doesn't mention any of the benefits to seniors, such as improved prescription drug coverage.

The ad seems more intent on attacking the health care law than accurately describing this complicated piece of legislation. Because it leaves critical facts out of its description in a way that gives a misleading impression, we rate the statement Barely True.

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