Friday, September 17, 2010

Republicans don’t speak for the American people, despite claims.

According to the survey below, Americans are on a different page than many conservatives and tea party patriots. Like most of the crap they say, or over say, “The American people don’t want…” has run its course. The fact is, Americans have a left of center vision of their country.

AP: The new survey found a souring sense of how well the government is meeting six broad goals set by the preamble to the Constitution.

The government got positive scores in three areas, though each had dropped since the 2008 AP-NCC poll: making sure that people can pursue happiness, that they feel safe and free and that they are shielded from foreign and domestic threats.

Three-fourths called the Constitution enduring and not outdated.

Most said that laws should be followed even when there is a short-term public safety risk, and that a minority's rights should be protected from pure majority rule.

"Americans appear to be saying that our institutions are getting it wrong, but these values remain increasingly important," said David Eisner, the constitution center's chief executive officer.

Most also said that judges should interpret laws broadly and that Supreme Court justices' decisions are influenced by their political views.

The National Constitution Center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that operates a Philadelphia museum and other educational programs about the Constitution.

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