Friday, September 24, 2010

Walker Blocks probe into Mental Health complex Mismanagement to sidestep his complete incompetence in office.

The ad below sums up an issue that is little known statewide, but could affect Scott Walker’s run for governor in a very bad way.

Political ad's like the one above are notorious for stretching the truth, but in this case, the truth required no drama and no exaggeration. Here’s the how Walker is blocking the public’s right to know, and the horrific details of County Executive incompetence.

jsonline: Lawyers for Milwaukee County have refused to turn over a 2008 consultant's report on safety issues at the Mental Health Complex - the first time in 30 years that county officials have stonewalled a county auditor investigation, the current auditor said Thursday. Jerry Heer said he was seeking the report as part of his probe of safety issues at the complex … following Journal Sentinel coverage of a federal inspection of the complex that found multiple instances of patient sexual assault and the pregnancy of a patient.

Supervisor Lynne De Bruin was critical of the county lawyers' refusal to turn over records to Heer. "What this tells me is they have something to hide that is so egregious that they don't even want to show an auditor," De Bruin said. She called it an expansion of a disturbing trend of secrecy in county government.

A Journal Sentinel series, "Patients in Peril," found a predatory patient was housed in an acute care ward with vulnerable patients, was allowed to roam at will and is the presumed father of a baby born to another patient in April. Omowale Atkins faces sexual assault charges involving a second female patient.

The paper also reported that a county psychiatrist who treated Anczak had also supervised the care of the patient who became pregnant last year. The pregnant patient's guardian was not informed of the pregnancy until weeks after it was confirmed, the woman was not given birth control injections contrary to the guardian's wishes and the patient was continued on medication that was potentially harmful to her baby, the paper found.

County lawyers told him the report was subject to attorney-client confidentiality and that as auditor he wasn't the client, Heer said. De Bruin called that a legal dodge. Heer represents the county, she said, and county taxpayers paid for the report.

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