Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Johnson Opposed Child Victims Bill...too Costly.

For a party using child predator fear mongering to argue against early release, some child predators long past are okay, and maybe too costly for religious organizations to deal with.

Or so says Ron Johnson, always looking out for the bottom line.

From Uppity Wisconsin:

Earlier this year, Ron Johnson, testified before the Wisconsin State Senate on behalf of the Green Bay Diocese Finance Council, which has ultimate decision power in deciding whether to settle abuse law suits and can even overrule a diocese's bishop decision in how to proceed.

Johnson was there to oppose the so-call Child Victims Bill, which would have made it easier to go after child predators. Under current law, many children do not come forward until after the statute of limitations has expired-- this law would have made exceptions in such circumstances.

From the Green Bay Diocese Finance Council perspective, this meant that many more child victims of predator priests would come forward and that they would be forced to deal with more law suits. And more law suits mean spending more money, which Johnson and the Finance Council obviously opposed.

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