Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sen. Bob Corker, Who Voted to Destroy U.S. Auto Makers, is thanked for Saving them!!!

One of the biggest mistakes by the Republican Party, after causing the Great Global Recession, was there attempt to take out the American auto industry. Looking back at it now, the Republicans couldn't have been more wrong in their position. Remember their frightening industry scenario's on how it would impact the rest of the country if we were to "bail" them out?

For a party that protects the American capitalistic, free market system, they were quick to demand the adoption of the Japanese wage model used in U.S. auto plants to drop unions, wages and our middle class standard of living.

Which bring us to Sen. Bob Corker (R), who vehemently opposed the industry and union workers to the point where he eventually voted to get rid of them. Now he's taking credit for having been a part of saving the industry. Rachel Maddow noticed:

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