Wednesday, September 22, 2010

O'Donnell believes administration "czars" unconstitutional Royalty.

Christine O'Donnell should be viewed as a peak into how far conservatives will weave, spin and justify doing whatever they want and still say they're upholding the constitution. As I've mentioned before, the Constitution is fast becoming a mere symbol, a founding document that means what they say it means at the time. Their doing it now.

The mosque controversies slippery slope: We first found out that freedom of religion works only if it doesn't offend most people. But then governor candidate Republican Carl Paladino, backed by the Tea Party movement, would use the power of eminent domain to take the site. That violates everything constitutional conservatives believe when it comes to protecting an individuals property rights and freedoms. But in this case, we can make an exception?

O'Donnell would blur the line of government and religion, maybe even justify erasing it completely someday. But the czar issue is a bizarre one. Watch as Keith Olbermann and Paul Waldman try to figure it out...

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