Friday, September 17, 2010

O'Donnell on Newt Witch hunts, Clinton Conspiracies and throwing out drug and food stamp programs.

The new conservative brand of women candidates are attractive and extremist in their personal and political views. The Marie Osmond of fringe politics, Christine O'Donnell, is now asking voters to ignore her youthfully exuberant views on masturbation. What conservatives don't understand is that past decisions say an awful lot about how they might think in the future.

Hell, taking her ridiculous views of masturbation off the table is minor when you compared it to her even more extremist views for a more vengeful government. O'Donnell can't run away from her outspoken past:

Washington Post: Christine O'Donnell, the tea party-backed Republican Senate nominee from Delaware, urged voters Thursday night to keep an open mind despite what she described as the "rather unflattering portrait" of her that has emerged in the media. O'Donnell said she has matured since making controversial statements in favor of "sexual purity" and against masturbation … "I was very excited and passionate about my newfound faith."

O'Donnell … opposes embryonic stem cell research … But she said she would adhere to the Constitution rather than her personal beliefs if elected, and emphasized her views about taxes and the size and role of government over her opinions on social issues.

What are those views? You better like the idea of an "overhaul, a U-Haul of our pop culture," tough love cuts to drug treatment and food stamp programs, the Newt Gingrich witchhunts and a total belief in every conspiracy theory involving the Clintons. This is a highlight clip of a C-span appearance from December 1996. NAACP's Jamal-Harrison Bryant is the lone standing voice of reason.

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