Monday, June 29, 2009

Rep. Scott Suder is Still and Idiot. Knowledge is not his Strong Suit.

Gov. James Doyle signed the Wisconsin state budget on time this year, after the Assembly turned Democratic, ousting out the obstructionist Republican “NO” sayers for their publicity seeking delays. The GOP is still not happy of course, pulling the fear card out again, warning citizens that early release and lighter sentences for nonviolent offenders will endanger public.

Rep. Suder had this statement on final budget passage: “No focus on private sector jobs, no vision for the future … and policies that will jeopardize public safety.”

Rep. Suder is probably the most misinformed, or just plain dumb legislator, this side of the Mississippi. Nationwide, truth and sentencing has been a disaster. Most states were going broke filling and building prisons, so they dropped the program and started giving non-threatening lawbreakers the kind of treatment they need, and not just jail time. Most everyone knows this, except non-readers like Rep. Suder. In fact, these successful alternatives are so popular now, that even the Sunday “Parade” section wrote about it.

"More than one in eight prisoners in the U.S. has a serious mental illness. Advocates of a new system of “mental-health courts” say that, with treatment, many of them could become lawful and productive, reducing overcrowding in our nation’s prison system at the same time.

In Allegheny County, Pa., for example, the recidivism rate for participants was just 14% after six years, compared with 67% in the general prison population."

Hey Scott, news flash, that’s a big difference. But what the hell, people always fall for the guy who’s tough on crime, right Scott. I like to pick on Rep. Suder because it’s so easy and he is so THICK.

And Rep. Scott Suder is still an idiot.

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