Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Health Care Rationing Nation. It's Already Here!

This crazy debate about the evils of universal coverage, you know like all the other industrialize countries have, is surreal Republican show biz. This clip from MSNBC's The Ed Show is all you need to see to get a good taste of upside down logic of the conservative mind.

But again, in the hopes Democrats watch this clip too, memorize the Nation magazine's John Nichols simple explanation and repeat it over and over. I would like to think he saw my rant on this months ago explaining how this country is rationing health care already, and for decades.

John Nichols: I find it fascinating that people are talking about rationing health care. Roughly 50 million Americans have rationed health care in the form of NONE.

Another 50 million have rationed health care in the form of inadequete, and basically the rest of us have rationed health care in a real sense that if we got very sick, we're not sure our health care would cover us.

See, we have a rationed system already.

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