Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prediction: Activist Conservative Supreme Court will Allow Faux Negative Documentaries to Run During Campaigns.

I’m just guessing that the Supreme Court will blissfully pretend Citizens United is just being picked on and are again victims of to many unnecessary liberal laws. Because conservatives thrive on chaos and division, Thomas and crew will make sure the election season is inundated with “faux-umentaries,” putting the powerful moneyed interests in charge of manipulating the media and public opinion. Oh, I’m sorry, that would never happen. AP writes:

Anti-Hillary movie: The court must decide whether a scathing 90-minute documentary about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that was made by a conservative group when she was running for the Democratic presidential nomination should be regulated as a campaign ad. Citizens United, the conservative not-for-profit group that made the movie, wanted to air television ads in important Democratic primary states and make the movie available to cablesubscribers on demand, without complying with federal campaign finance law. The Federal Elections Commission and federal judges in Washington said the movie is subject to campaign finance restrictions.

The high court's conservative justices appeared especially skeptical of that view when the case was argued in March.

Here’s where judicial activism will again play a prominent role. Instead of considering the intend of slimy partisan David Bossie, leader of Citizens United and producer of "Hillary: The Movie," to circumvent election laws and respecting the judgment of the Federal Elections Commission and federal judges, they will narrowly ignore the overwhelming motivation and intent of this experienced system gamer. Mark my words.

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