Sunday, June 21, 2009

Scary Republican Warnings about the Public Health Care Option

It's official, the public option in health care reform is a winner!

According to MSNBC, "an NBC/WSJ poll shows that a whopping 76% support having the choice of a public/government alternative to private health insurance."

Will this discourage the Republicans? Are you kidding.

The House Republican campaign committee has fired off a memo with this warning to Democrats: Vote for the health-care bill they introduced today and risk losing your majority in Congress in 2010.

Of course the GOP is well aware that it no longer has any credibility to lose at this point anyway.

From Health Care for America Now, a nice video piece on the Republican fear mongering machines successful campaign to scare Democrats. The public gets it, not our Democratic lawmakers. It's sad to hear them try to tell us they don't have the votes. Oh wait, they might be talking about the final results in the next Congressional election when they lose their seats.

"Socialism! Rationing! Boo!

That's what Republicans are trying to do to the American people with these words: Scare them out of health reform.

Our partners have put together a video of all their fear-mongering tactics. From Newt Gingrich to John Boehner, check out the extremes the right is using to block President Obama's plan to provide quality, affordable health insurance for all by keeping the insurance industry honest and bringing down costs.

Clearly it's not working. A national poll released yesterday found that more than 76 percent of Americans agree that they want the choice between keeping their health care coverage and a public health insurance option that would keep the insurance industry honest."

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