Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kucinich Nails Canadian Doctors Flawed Straw Man Complaints About His Countries System

Check out this section of the House Committee hearing on single payer health, and the snotty know it all doctor from Canada, bad mouthing his countries plan to the delight of Republican lawmakers. Keep in mind that statistical quality of care only applies to those receiving it, not the 50 to 60 million people who are going without, and not a part of any data base. Only partial statistical data is available for those with inadequate coverage.

No one is really debating the quality of health care. That's not the problem. What we need is universal insurance to deliver it. The straw man created in the hearing would blame lower positive outcomes in other countries, if for example, you remove all homicides from life expectancy rates that effect a nations health care rating (I'm not sure this data is considered, but the the Canadian doctor here said it was). He also deals with quality of care, and yes we have great care in the U.S., but that side steps the issue; universal access of each American to get care.

The snotty Canadian doctor falls back on the idea of the talking point "rationing," as if we don't already have that in this country. The simple answer to the problems other countries have in their systems; fix the problem when designing our own single payer plan.

Check out the video for the riveting no nonsense Kucinich remarks to this arrogant anti-singlepayer ass wipe.

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