Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Felon Living Next Door. Beware of the Criminal Adulterer.

This incredibly frivolous complaint caught my attention when it revealed that adultery in Wisconsin is a FELONY. No, really.
Journal Sentinel- A community activist on Friday filed two complaints against Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn and asked for a criminal investigation, all concerning an affair Flynn had with a married journalist.

In a letter, LaMonte Harris asked Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm to investigate whether Flynn committed adultery, a felony in Wisconsin.

Harris acknowledged that adultery is rarely prosecuted but said that someone in Flynn's position should not be violating any laws. "It sends a bad message," Harris said.

It's time to comb through the divorce court records, round up the felons, build a few prisons, and lock up every criminal adulterer. Think about it, they're stilling walking the streets, sitting next to you and your children in family restaurants and living next door to you ready to commit another adultery.

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