Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shocking Revelation: Sen. Lamar Alexander Clueless on Health Care, Like other Republican Lawmakers.

Our Congressional royalty will never quite understand the fundamental problems of our health insurance debacle because they're not exposed to it. They don't have a working knowledge of the process of buying insurance, what is covered, who provides coverage, deductibles, exclusions and increasing costs. It's unimaginable for our elected servants to have better coverage than we the people have and representatives who don't have even a passing knowledge of our private health care system. Today's appearance of Sen. Lamar Alexander on MSNBC is the one glaring example of the Republicans disconnect with the needs of the American people.

Here are a few low points delivered by a blissfully ignorant Sen. Lamar Alexander and interview questions. I have highlighted the talking point message Sen. Alexander repeats again and again presumably written by the insurance industry:

Lamar: "..give the cash to individuals and let them buy private health care insurance like the rest of us have."

MSNBC Question: "...when Melissa asked you for specifics, what you said was give people who can't afford it cash."

Lamar: " give every American who can't afford it $4,000 to $5,000 and give them the opportunity to buy a private health insurance plan."

MSNBC Question: "That doesn't address the fundamental structural problems. It doesn't address sky rocketing costs. It doesn't address major inefficiencies and bureaucracies not only in the government but in the way health insurance performs."

Lamar: "Yes it of the biggest problems we have in health insurance is the government run program Medicaid...what we want to do is give them (the public) enough money so they can afford to buy their own health insurance program. So they can buy private insurance like the rest of us."

Sen. Lamar Alexander is clueless. Does he really think he "buys health insurance like the rest of us," or is it provided by his employer, the government (us)?

The Senator seems to think $4,000 to $5,000 is enough to pay for a family health insurance plan. Really.

He never addressed solving the structural problems or sky rocketing costs.

He never registered a clue about buying insurance in large groups to lower individual costs, the actual insurance industry model, but instead pits individuals against the largess of the insurance industry.

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