Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rep. Paul Ryan Compares Insurance Industry to "my daughters lemonade stand." Have you Hugged Your Premium Increase Notice Lately?

Is Rep. Paul Ryan is so consumed by free market capitalism that he's out of his raving mind? Or is he cynically trying to convince people that health insurance companies are like loving little enterprising daughters standing along side their lemonade stands. On WPT's Here and Now, with Frederica Freyberg, Ryan said this about health care reform:

Ryan: "A government plan option being set up, it's kind of like my daughters lemonade stand competing against McDonald's."

I know, I had to sit down a few moments just to stop myself from driving nails through my skull. I've included below more bizarre revelations from the twisted mind of Ryan concerning competition and the unfortunate consequences of citizens being forced to save money by buying into the low overhead, not for profit public option.

Physician and Rep. Steve Kagen offers a steady, no nonsense, well thought out plan for health care reform. For most adults familiar with the real world health care debacle, not a publicly paid Congressional health benefit, there's no comparison between the two politicians.

It's also apparent there is "No Saving Corporate Ryan."

If you thought a public plan would have forced insurance premiums down in order to compete, killing the private sector, you would have been wrong. According to the upside down spin meister Paul Ryan: A government plan will force private insurance companies rates up.

While the rest of the Republican Congress argues insurance companies will be forced to lower premiums so much that is will kill their profitable business model, Ryan claims just the opposite to keep the public in a state of confusion, and to keep the "debate" going.

Ryan is right to claim many people will leave the private insurance market, for lower prices and similar coverage, but he spins it in a way that makes it sound like an unthinkable injustice. Like when he claims 120 million people will lose their private health insurance and go on the public plan. Oh no, not that. He sadly states that 7 out of 10 Americans will end up losing the private health insurance they have at their jobs, while being FORCED upon the government plan. Oh the inhumanity of it all...

So lets get this right about Rep. Paul Ryan: He was for the Wall Street bailouts and for the Wall Street take over of social security (he's still for it), against the auto bailouts (now a closed GM plant in HIS district), expanded deregulation that encourages off shoring, and now a complete privatization of health care so he can save the insurance industry with a non-indexed tax credit that pays for (right now anyway) a third of a families health care cost.

Isn't it about time we "See Through Corporate Ryan."

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