Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You’re Fired! Party Chief’s Criticism of Limbaugh Doesn’t “Represent Views of Most Members.”

GOP members, supporters of domestic terrorism, weren’t happy with dissent within the party, so they fired their party chief in Marathon County in northern Wisconsin. And not a moderate voice could be heard...

Wausau Daily Harold: The Republican Party of Marathon County has stripped its spokesman of his title less than three months after he wrote a column critical of conservative talk radio star . Kevin Stevenson said he believes his March guest column in the Wausau Daily Herald criticizing Limbaugh turned local party members against him.

"They felt I was too moderate in what I was speaking and printing," he said. Stevenson, who characterizes himself as a "John McCain-type of Republican," said a local Republican meeting on Thursday "got hostile and it got personal," he said.

When Stevenson criticized Limbaugh for saying he wanted President Barack Obama to fail, other local Republicans wrote to the newspaper, arguing that conservatives ought to want Obama's policies to fail.

(Stevenson) said. "(Party members) know that I don't agree with Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh is hurting us more than helping us."

Kevin Hermening, the local treasurer and a past president, said … Stevenson's columns … did not always represent the views of most members. "If the leadership had wanted a more moderate position, we would have let him (continue)," Hermening said.

Party Chairman Joe Wachtel said, "I don't think the Republican Party and the conservative movement is going to be served by being Democrat-lite."

So what does that say about the direction of the Republican Party? Stevenson responded with this additional statement:

The most imminent danger facing the Republican Party comes from within. A growing party embraces its differences and uses the strengths of its differences in a positive manner. Differences should not be feared … Purging people who have differences from its ranks will ensure that it remains a minority party well into the future.

Or maybe not…here’s a comment from a reader:

Carl54401 wrote:
What seems to be grossly overlooked here by many is that the concept of "Rush Limbaugh as the defacto head of the GOP" was first promoted by the Democrat propagandists, not by Limbaugh.

So rather than debunk a simple lie, Stevenson and other RINOs gave a piece of Dem propaganda more credibility by gladly distancing themselves from Limbaugh. But that's what RINOs do, they screw their friends while trying to make friends with the political opposition. It's maddening, but that is what happens.

They are better off without someone who is unprincipled, incompetent as a strategist and apparently gets "confused" about something as fundamental as where he resides in order to grab limelight in the WDH as a "spokesman." Good riddance.

I would say the party has problems.


  1. Side note: Kevin Hermening was a Marine guard at the U.S. embassy in Tehran when it was captured. He tried to portray himself as a "hero" (a true hero would have died trying to defend the embassy..) in a failed attempt to carve himself a political career.

  2. Okay; as the subject of Anonymous' topic about heroism, the only heroes in the US Embassy hostage crisis were the eight men who perished in the failed rescue attempt. The idiot (Anonymous) who wrote this apparently doesn't know that Marine guards at our Embassy posts abroad follow orders from State Department Ambassadors, not military personnel. Besides, even I would have expected the host government to follow international law and believed the Iranian government would have protected Embassy personnel.
    - Kevin Hermening