Monday, June 29, 2009

Grassley: "Overhaul should come from within health care industry." Good God!

Over these many decades, with rising health care costs and escalating numbers of preventable deaths, the insurance industry should be allowed to make the necessary improvements. Without a tinge of outrage over the human suffering and bankruptcy people in this country have had to endure when it comes to health care, Sen. Chuck Grassley made this amazing but revealing statement about the problem:
Mr. Grassley on “This Week” said money to pay for the overhaul should come from within the health care industry, such as finding savings opportunities in Medicare.

This really is the Republican plan isn't it? Do nothing, but ask for voluntary changes by an industry that has allowed people to die. On top of that, Grassley wants to find "reform" in the governments Medicare system, not the private sector. I can't count how many times I've heard Republican Congressional lawmakers offer "solutions" involving exaggerated waste in Medicare, but none of the waste and bloated administrative costs in the private sector. Health insurance companies, with their rejection of preexisting conditions and denial of coverage policies, should be protected and saved for their humanitarian contributions to American families.
Mr. McConnell on “Fox News Sunday” expressed his concern that a government-run health care plan might drive private health insurance companies out of business.

That would make me sad.

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