Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gov. Candidate and Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker: Oops, Didn’t I tell you About the 300 Possible Layoffs?

For a guy who will soon be carnival barking around the state trying to garner the public confidence, Governor wannabe, Scott Walker seems oblivious to the county boards concerns and for those public employees whose heads are on the chopping block. According to this press release:

Members of the Milwaukee County Board’s Finance & Audit Committee released the following statements after today’s special meeting of the County Board’s Committee on Finance & Audit.
“The Finance & Audit Committee met for over seven hours today … Much to the surprise of many Supervisors, we received a document detailing that, effective Friday, 310 County positions are at risk for layoff. It’s disappointing that no one at the County Board received this document from the Administration,” Supervisor Elizabeth M. Coggs said. “Based on this document, it’s reasonable to infer that layoff notices could go out on Friday.

“Had we not held this meeting today, we might not have found out about this at all—perhaps until it was too late,” Supervisor Willie Johnson, Jr., said.

Supervisor Coggs added, “We all understand that Milwaukee County faces a possible deficit this year, and we are willing to work together to overcome these challenges, but how can we work collectively when the Executive branch does not share crucial information with the Legislative branch? The lack of communication here is beyond disappointing. It is unacceptable.”

Walker will probably claim the county board is running a smear campaign against him, fearing his run for the governors seat, enraging supporters who thrive on their own imagined victimhood.

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