Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On Health Care, Howard Dean: "They (Republicans) want to make the choice for you."

One of the more amazing tricks by the Republicans is to sell Americans on the idea that we need to protect the insurance industries profitable business of health care rationing. How is it possible for Sen. Richard Shelby to unabashedly claim the U.S. has the best health care system in the world, when at least 50 million citizens are uninsured, more are under insured and a majority of those covered are an illness away from bankruptcy? If that's success I can see why they aren't really concerned about having caused the global economic crisis and fixing it. These are free market success stories.

Shelby is unmoved by our own health care horror stories and is instead, protecting the most inhumane health care business model of any industrialized country. Shelby says of Democrats, "They will destroy the market place for health care." That's because it's been so good to us, right Sen. Shelby?

Sen. Chuck Grassley whines that so many people will want to save money by dropping out of the "market place for health care" that the few who remain with private plans will have to pay even more to make up for the losses. Gee Chuck, how unfair.

Howard Dean said it best with these two points:

"You get the choice...that's why they're (Republicans) in trouble here. They want to keep the choice for themselves. They want to make the choice for you."

"I thought the Republicans were interested in giving more choices to the American people, but apparently not."

Howard Dean just gave the Democrats their two major talking points. Now let's see if they use them.

Clips provided by MSNBC.

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