Friday, June 5, 2009

Republicans Don't Like it When Democrats Cut Spending. Steals Their Thunder?

It seems taxpayers are doling out a whole lot of money trying to get kids to their private schools, when Wisconsin could save half of that expense by using common “belt tightening” sense. But believe it or not, the “fiscally conservative” (they spent like drunken sailors) Republican Party doesn’t want save money on their own pet projects. For example:

If parents drive two kids to the same private school, Republicans want you and me to continue to pay these families as if they were driving each of those kids separately, instead of treating it as one trip for one child. It could save between $400 and $500. If you thought this was an easy one to figure out, you would be wrong.

What you’re about to read is the most convoluted reason why this is a bad idea. If you can make any sense out of the following commentary, please let me know. From the Wisconsin Radio Network:

John Huebscher, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Catholic Conference, says it will be tougher on the families, especially those who have to go to work yet must make two round trips to take their kids to school. Huebscher says it will cause a heavier financial burden for families and discourage them from attending non public schools … especially as gas prices are again on the rise.
Again, the kids are going to the same school, at the same time. Two round trips? My head is hurting. But there’s even more “down the rabbit hole” logic.

For Huebsher, getting paid double for one trip to one school is “fair because the districts receive aid from the state for the cost of transporting each of the children and should pass it on.”
You mean to say, if the money is there, spend it. That would never pass muster for a staunch fiscal conservative…or would it?

Assembly Republican Robin Vos says he'll try to amend the measure once the budget reaches his house next week.
This is the third example in the last two weeks where Republicans are objecting to or want to repeal spending cuts by the Democrats during these tough economic times. Guess they can’t make those tough economic decisions they talked so much about making.

In summary: They didn’t want to save money for the Postal service, they didn’t want to save money at the DOJ and now they don’t want to save money on school transportation. I wonder what programs they would target…?


  1. You are truly a nutball.

    Are you even aware of the pork and the 7% + increase passed by Democrats?

    Give up your Bush hate and smell a bit of reality.

  2. Get over the "Bush hate" talking point, it's a little bit old. I'm not quite sure what it has to do with the story here, except for the fact that the Republicans caused the current depression.

    The 7% increase in spending is due to the state's share of stimulus money. You'd know that if you took the time to look it up. The actual budget the Democrats are proposing using the states taxpayer dollars cuts spending more dramatically than any Republican legislature.

    You must be listening to Charlie Psycho, Belling or my old former radio partner Vicki.

    Nutball indeed.