Sunday, June 14, 2009

Republican Recession: Waupun Wisconsin schools closed, teachers fired and class sizes doubled.

Similar to the Draconian budget cuts in California, listed here from an earlier blog, we are now seeing a similar trashing of Wisconsin's K-12 educational system. These are cuts long advocated by past Republican legislatures. After 16 years of slashing budgets, the devastating economic depression now requires the dismantling of our public education system, where there's nothing left but closing school, firing teachers (they call it layoffs) and doubling class sizes.

WPT's Here and Now, and host Frederica Freyberg, featured the gut wrenching story below. For families with kids in elementary school, and I have two, this nightmarish reality will be hard to stomach. This really is happening.

Minority Republicans are still not happy about the lack of deeper cuts. This is just a glimpse of our society if conservatives were in charge. But that might happen sooner than later when the uncharacteristically brutal cuts by the Democrats take effect. Families will be fuming. Forced by a Republican economic meltdown, Democrats have no choice but to take drastic action against everything they have stood for and protected.

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