Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Republican Flip Flop, Now they Support Fairness Doctrine to Counter Obama’s ABC Town Hall Broadcast

The problem with the Republican ideology is that it is constantly contradicting itself. They don’t want the government to require opposing view points on the conservative radio airwaves, but give the president the bully pulpit on a key policy issue, they suddenly feel locked out of the discussion and play the "liberal" media bias victim again.

The funny and ironic thing is the RNC is arguing that people should have a choice of doctors and insurers, a really bad idea, since the badly broken system we have now has been offering those same choices for decades. That current option, the one the GOP wants to expand by doing away with Medicare and Medicaid, is now telling us rates will increase 9 percent next year. Public relations efforts by the insurance industry is strangely disconnected from reality and certainly not helping the debate.

USA Today reports the RNC’s demand for a return of the fairness doctrine tonight only, is now a crazy surreal advertisement.

Tonight, the president hosts a town hall meeting on the same subject, broadcast at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. We've already reported on the spat between ABC and the Republican National Commitee over tonight's town hall meeting.

Apparently unsatisfied with the network's assurances that the audience has been selected for its diversity of opinion, the RNC has unveiled a new ad reiterating its charges that a national network is "turning its airwaves over to Obama's pitch" and accusing the president of cutting Republicans out of the discussion.

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