Saturday, June 27, 2009

I've been busy. Internet Radio May be Making a Comeback.

Internet radio sites are plentiful, with thousands of aspiring pundits and music professionals trying their hand at it, with varying degrees of quality.

The growth of alternative Internet radio is an outgrowth of a hungry, frustrated audience. In the last decade we have seen a commercial radio bloodletting, where long time familiar voices have been silenced, and music formats were shipped in by corporate knuckle heads and programmers.

Things are about to change, I hope.

I have been working with Roots Up Radio recently, in an attempt to bring back, what used to be considered the "product" of commercial radio, the on air personality. Voices from Madison and across the country may have a home soon. The next step is public access and ease of use, getting the product to you via car radio, cell phone radio channels and established commercial syndicators.

I've been scrambling in an attempt to come up to speed on the new Internet venture, shop for a new real estate brokerage (career change) and transition into HDTV on the home front that threw up a few road blocks capturing video for the blog.

So if it appears I've slowed a little in the number of stories added per day, that should start picking up in the coming weeks. Unlike the larger political sites, it's just little old me plugging this stuff in.

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  1. Internet Radio hasn't even got started yet. That will happen when listening via phones and other mobile devices smooths out and becomes as easy as using a terrestrial radio is now.

    It will be here soon!!!

    Check out Fearless Radio...We have been broadcasting live interviews, music, and show for over 5 years now.