Thursday, February 24, 2011

Democratic State Sen. Tim Carpenter Politely Writes a letter to the governor.

With a few minutes of time on his hands State Sen. Tim Carpenter decided to write a letter to the media hungry Governor, Scott Walker. He sums up the sleezy and ethically vacuous style of the states disciplinary father figure. Wispolitics via Rocknetroots
State Sen. Tim Carpenter:  At a historic moment in our State’s history, brought on by your refusal to compromise with elected officials regarding the elimination of worker’s rights, you still refuse to talk with Democratic legislators.  However, you apparently have no problem taking a phone call from “Mr. Koch” and to:   
• Discuss your strategy to lay off public workers to seek partisan advantage to pass
your agenda;
• Discuss your plan to lure Democratic legislators to the Capitol on the pretext of
negotiation, but then state that you would never actually negotiate; 
• Discuss your plan to use the pretext of negotiation to get a quorum for legislative
fiscal action that Republicans so far have not been able to do;
• Discuss that you considered the “planting” of paid  troublemakers into the
peaceful protests at our Capitol; and to
• Give your enthusiastic acceptance to an offer from  “Koch” to fly you out on a
vacation to show you a “good time” once you “crush  these bastards.” 
Your response was “That would be outstanding…”  Given that Koch’s businesses could reap vast rewards with the ‘no bid’ sale of the Wisconsin’s power plants that you propose in your budget repair bill, this response is severely troubling 

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