Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Slogan?: "Illinois' Open for Politicians!!!" Protesters find the Democrats "undisclosed" location, and Indiana Dems are forced to leave state as well.

jsonline: One of the 14 Wisconsin senators who has been hiding out in Illinois with his Democratic colleagues says protesters have discovered the hotel ... State Sen. Chris Larson said Tuesday that the senators were trying to keep their locations a secret because they were concerned for their safety. For example, he said, someone e-mailed him threatening to burn down his house ... he and his fellow Democrats would likely move, although he wasn't sure whether that meant going to a different hotel or a different city. 
Now Democratic lawmakers from another state seem to be leaving their homes for Illinois.
House Democrats in Indiana are leaving the state rather than vote a bill that would modify collective bargaining for some workers there, according to the Indianapolis Star. A source told the paper that Democrats from that state's lower chamber are headed to Illinois, though the paper notes that some might go to Kentucky.

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