Monday, February 21, 2011

Madison to Lose 7 million Federal Dollars for Madison Metro Transit due to killing Collective Bargaining!!

So far Gov. Scott Walker has added $117 million to the deficit with business tax cuts, sent millions back to Washington to protect private companies, and is just about to add another $7 million to the total. According to Econbrowser:
Another interesting implication for Wisconsin is that the transit systems would lose approximately $45 million in funds from the Federal government under Governor Walker's bill. From "Walker proposal could result in $7.1 million cut in federal aid to Madison Metro Transit," Wisconsin State Journal: 
This is because:...federal law requires continuation of collective bargaining rights on wages, pensions, working conditions and other conditions to get federal transit money, according to a Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo. 
The article observes "[t]he Walker administration did not respond to a phone call and e-mail." regarding this issue.

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