Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scott Walker, on state grounds and on public time, appears to have solicited campaign funds.

Gov. Scott Walker is in big trouble after he took the prank call from "David Koch," maybe. Events like these have a tendency to fade away quickly if the victim is a Republican, but this time, maybe not.

Not only should someone investigate the allegation that Walker and other lawmakers talked about sending a trouble maker into the crowd of demonstrators, but it appears Walker asked for help getting his message out during that conversation, a request for monetary help: National campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund sent a letter to the Dane County (WI) District Attorney and Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board (GAB) today urging that they open concurrent investigations into Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-Wisc.) possible double violations of state campaign finance and ethics statutes. The letter is in response to yesterday’s release of a taped phone call between Gov. Walker and a person he thought was out-of-state, billionaire campaign donor David Koch. 
The group asked the District Attorney and GAB to look at two questions: 
1) Did Gov. Walker illegally solicit political expenditures for independent spending to benefit Republican Senators from swing districts? 
2) Did Gov. Walker illegally solicit donations from the state capitol using state resources? 
“Governor Walker, while on state grounds supposedly doing his job, thought he was speaking to out-of-state billionaire David Koch, and over the course of that conversation he asked Koch to spend money to help Republican Senators from electorally vulnerable districts,” said David Donnelly, national campaigns director for Public Campaign Action Fund … No one should be above the law. Governor Walker’s conduct in this reported conversation indicates he does not believe the Wisconsin campaign finance statutes or ethics rules apply to him.  We strongly urge you to open an investigation...” 
Public Campaign Action Fund works to hold politicians who are against comprehensive campaign finance reform accountable for where they get their political donations. 

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