Friday, February 18, 2011

State Sen. Fitzgerald: "There's talk about transitioning into the classroom with other teachers." Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine in Wisconsin, Doyle Legacy and Rush's Freeloaders.

Someone should ask State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald what he and his fellow government mutineers have been talking about behind closed doors. It looks like they have broached the subject of firing those absent teachers:
Hannity: "You remember when Reagan fired those air traffic controllers, and took on that union, and he gave them a deadline, deadline passed and they were all fired."
Ftizgerald: "There's ah, obviously talk about transitioning into the classroom with other teachers..."

Here's Naomi Klein with her interpretation of the Madison protest:

Ed Schultz points out just what Gov. Doyle left for this Republican band of tea party whiners and governor:

Rush Limbaugh may be the most powerful conservative spokesperson, but after today, that might change. According to Rush, union members and their average pay and benefits make them taxpayer "freeloaders."

The American Prospects Harold Meyerson points out how Gov. Walker has overreached:

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