Friday, February 25, 2011

Walker is going after patients in nursing homes next...Ghoul??

Not only is Gov. Scott Walker about to execute 1500 public employees to force the Democratic 14 to return to the legislature, but he’s now threatening to delay money to nursing homes. Would I kid you?

Walker has no bounds when it comes to exercising the power of big government.
Capitol Times: Gov. Scott Walker turned up the heat on Democratic senators who have left the state rather than vote on his bill by warning Thursday that their actions could force the state to delay payments for patients in nursing homes. 
A press statement … claims that if the budget repair bill is not soon passed,  “the state will no longer be able to pay providers or vendors.” 
The statement triggered a furious response from an advocacy group.  “The Walker Administration is now using the 1.2 million individuals enrolled in BadgerCare and Medicaid as political hostages,”  says Bobby Peterson, executive director of ABC for Health in a press release. “The Walker Administration should stop scaring and threatening the people that need health care coverage in Wisconsin. Health care should be a right NOT a bargaining chip!!”
Walker’s brutal extremism hasn’t gone unnoticed by at least one major media player:
U.S. News: But the power grab Walker is seeking in his budget goes well beyond his effort to transform himself from state employer to ruler. As Tom Friedman reports in an alarming column in Friday’s New York Times, Walker is also trying to remove the competitive bidding process for sale of state public utility plants. For a governor purportedly committed to cost-cutting, that effort is mind-boggling. The point of competitive bidding is to get the best price for the seller, Wisconsin. The budget measure Walker wants would also, Friedman reports, allow him to make cuts in healthcare for low-income families without going through the normal legislative process. 

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