Saturday, February 26, 2011

Labor Bashing a Boon to Wisconsin's business image? Paul Jadin, Walker's economic development administrator apparently thinks so.

Vilifying workers as lazy entitled benefactors of unreasonable wages and benefits is one hell of state image for attracting business. Oh yeah, where are all the jobs created so far by Gov. Scott Walker? No really, where? 
Although not as crazy long as the promise of a balanced budget by Paul Ryan, 50 frigging years, the jobs will come sometime in the "futureeeeeeee." In this case, I guess any news is good news the Walker debacle? 
jsonline: Protests in Madison that have drawn the nation's attention could be a boon to Wisconsin's business image, the newly named state commerce secretary said Friday. 
"We will be one of the few states effectively addressing its budget problems and therefore more receptive to the needs of business," said Paul Jadin, who will lead economic development efforts in Gov. Scott Walker's new administration.
Oh, and that image world wide of the labor movements energized Americans protesting outside the capitol?
 Jadin says he watches the protests from the window of his new office. "The way Wisconsin is perceived is based on what happens in the capital, what laws are passed," Jadin said.
Another words, go screw yourself people, we won. What happened to the tea party proclamation: "You're not listening to us," when they represented an even smaller number of citizens?

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