Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Professional Recall Groups come to Wisconsin to take out Democrats.

We have a while before we can start a recall election for Gov. Walker, and I really hope we do that, but it's not to late to start action against our partisan Republican legislators. I saw table at one of the protests to get the recalls going, and I hope they've got a good start, because look out Democrats, the right wing is coming after you. WTDY:
Exploratory committee seeks to recall Democratic Senator ... An exploratory committee has been formed to recall Democratic Senator Robert Wirch. Chairman of the committee Dan Hunt says they're in the decision making process right now and have started recruiting volunteers.  
He says the only way they'd change their minds and not turn it into an official committee is if  Senator Wirch comes back to work, explains why he left, and apologizes.
The "father figure" role of the authoritarian conservative is pretty insulting, isn't it?
He says if they are to successfully recall the senator, they'd need 25% of the residents in the 22nd district to sign a petition. With a voter turnout of approximately 54,000 for the most recent gubernatorial election, that means they'd need around 13,000 signatures. Once the paperwork if filed, the committee would have 60 days to collect all signatures.

In the meantime, a Utah based group has also started the process to recall eight of the Democratic Senators.
While Gov. Walker belittles the half million protesters by insinuating a few were from out of state, it's perfectly acceptable for out of state right wing recall organizations to question the will of the people and throw out our representatives. 

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