Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's be clear: Gov. Walker=Government. Workers protesting=citizens.

For decades state governments have been paring employment and services down to the bone. Have you noticed though, the argument about the size of government and waste hasn’t changed? And it never will.

The conservative fringe organization with political influence, We-the-people-USA, has a bad case of irony impairment. Apparently protesting teachers, students, small business owners and local citizenry are thugs, are part of what they call, thug-ocracy. But if a governor applies the dictatorial power of government to tell workers they can’t organize, that’s the proper use of thug-ocracy…I mean government. As they define it:
Subject: Thug-Ocracy
Left, right, democrat, republican or independent, the message is seriously clear and simple -- the federal government and many state governments are bankrupt.
Union-based Thug-ocracy, i.e. Socialism, has finally spent all of the other peoples' money … Eventually union Thug-ocracies must be stopped and private individual achievement must shoulder the needs of the people … The reality of running out of money creates in some people, the ugly rationalization that Thug-ocracy is an option to be used in order to take money from most individuals and give it to some preferred individuals.
Thank god Wall Street and big oil haven’t taken money from "most individuals" and given it to some “preferred individuals,” like themselves in the form of bonuses and from higher prices at the pump. 

Ignoring the fact that the unions have taken Walker up on reducing wages and benefits:
Public service workers and public service unions appear to have no concept of economic fiscal responsibility … Today the power of public service unions have trumped common sense and the phrase Thug-ocracy simply fits what is happening … We will not tolerate any form of Thug-ocracy that attempts to forcefully spread around other peoples' assets using coercion, deception or political slight of hand.
Once the peoples representatives, our unions, no longer have the “free speech rights” to contribute to the political process, what other public group will be there to support their candidates?
Big money owns our elections now, and without the “big money” of our unions, the corporate oligarchs will have taken over. We’ll have returned to the Robber Barron age. What a time to cherish.

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