Friday, February 18, 2011

Walker's Vindictive!! Gets back at Unions, and Fabricates "Outside groups" protesting in Wisconsin. Tells Unions to basically go to hell. Koch Brothers behind Policy.

Gov. Walker just got a lot of national camera time to say...nothing. You can just sense his bitter disdain for unions, and his inability to work with them, when he was Milwaukee's County Executive. 

Collective bargaining is still off the table, and Walker continues to blame labor for the deficits. SMALL deficits from a few last minute issues that cost more this year than anticipated. That's what the last governor left us. 

Walker, like most conservatives, feel strongly that if the private sector is in pain, everyone has to be in pain. That's the conservative world view. Raise the boats? Not a chance, sink them instead. The Nations Chris Hayes and Ed Schultz dissect the coordinated attack on labor by Walker.


Big Money, WMC and Koch Industries:
Think progress did this great piece on Gov. Scott Walker's relationship anti-labor groups funded by the Koch brothers. It will be interesting to see how orderly the protests will be once raging tea party member show up finally on Saturday. It took awhile for this grass roots group in Wisconsin to show up. Odd, I guess the tea partier's have magically found the talking points to make their arguments. 
Wisconsin’s newly elected Republican Gov. Scott Walker is facing a growing backlash over his attempt to cut pay and eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees in his state. Although Walker is claiming his power grab is an attempt to close a budget gap, the budget “crisis” was engineered by Walker as soon as he got into office. 
As Brian Beutler reported, half of the budget shortfall comes from Walker’s own tax cuts for businesses and other business giveaways enacted in January. 
But the greatest ally to Walker is the dirty energy company Koch Industries. In response to the growing protests in Madison, Koch fronts are busing in Tea Party protesters to support Walker and his union-busting campaign. The American Legislative Exchange Council, another Koch-funded group, advised Walker and the GOP legislature on its anti-labor legislation and its first corporate tax cuts. 
In addition, Walker has stated his opposition to clean energy jobs policies that might draw workers away from Koch-owned interests. 
Koch's Americans for Prosperity group has launched a new website and petition called The new site attacks all collective bargaining, not just for public sector unions. Koch's front group also declares: "In fact, every state should adopt Governor Scott Walker's common sense reforms."

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