Monday, February 21, 2011

Duh Moment for Gov. Walker and Sen. Fitzgerald: Save Kids Future Debt by Cutting Their Education Now. Makes Perfect Sense.

I'm still wondering how Republicans were able to crash the global economy, shed 8 million American workers, but still win the midterm election in a big way. Maybe it's because they say stupid things over and over in such a convincing way that desperate jobless Americans would grasp at anything. I'm stumped.

The clip below was a "spit take" moment for my family when we watch in amazement how Scott Walker and Senate Majority leader Scott Fitzgerald said that they would both make draconian cuts to educate our kids, while bragging how they were saving those kids future debt.  Doh!! Debt they would have to pay for with what, a low wage job that only requires a lousy K-12 education, thanks to their short sighted money saving cuts today? Channel3000:

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