Saturday, February 26, 2011

Republicans Create Surreal War Between Middle Class Have's and Have not's. Amazing!!!

One common theme you hear from conservatives; I've got it bad, and so should you. Check out the jsonline article below at the battle created by Republicans between average income earners, directing attention away from corporate money and the wealthy. Do these guys know how to sell chaos?
Milwaukee Public Schools psychologist Jessica Coyle was in tears after reading a cousin's Facebook post calling public employees "whores and a bunch of other nasty things," according to her husband, David, an MPS history teacher. "What made matters worse was that her godmother 'liked' the comment," Coyle told a reporter. 
"My wife sent a message to say, 'Hey, remember me, your family member, I am a public employee and I am not a whore.' Her intention was for the cousin to say, 'Oops, sorry, I forgot,' or something along those lines. He didn't. He only said, 'That is how I feel, you can defriend me if you want.' " 
The couple couldn't believe how the governor's proposed budget-repair bill was playing out in the virtual community of Facebook, David Coyle said. 
Daryle Wooley of Elkhorn posted on Facebook that the senators should either return or be fired. Within hours, responses came flooding in from Facebook friends around the country, "including some people who were very close to me," Wooley recalled. "I couldn't believe the tone." 
He responded to critics, explaining that he had to cash in his IRA and take out a second mortgage on his house just to keep his cast limestone manufacturing business afloat. He told them: "This is the real world. You don't understand pain. If my wife wouldn't have gotten a new job, my health insurance would have gone away. I'm down from 33 employees to three." 
"Three weeks ago, we were all one happy family with the Packers," Wooley said. "And now we're all at each other's throats. This is ripping us apart. It's sad." Richard Ginkowski, an assistant district attorney in Kenosha, said "The discussion by one friend was that we're all parasites, leeches on society, overpaid and incompetent," said Ginkowski, a 30-year prosecutor whose wife, a schoolteacher, also is a public employee.

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