Monday, February 21, 2011

Republicans won, so shut up and sit down. That's not what conservatives said when Democrats held the majority.

I’m tired of it! On the radio, in the newspapers, conservatives continue to make the point that Gov. Scott Walker and the new Republican majority was elected to do just what they’re doing now, and that we should all back off. The voters have spoken. Just shut up and go away. Today’s Wisconsin State Journal said as much:
Like it or not, the majority of Wisconsin voters elected Walker and other Republicans to run the statehouse for the next two years. The Democrats can’t change that until subsequent elections.
That’s not what they thought when Americans voted in a Democratic president and Congress to pass health care reform. Yet they whined and complained that we weren’t listening to them. That we were ramming an agenda they didn’t like down their throats. But voters spoke clearly then too. What gives?

American voters spoke loud and clear in 2008, so what makes Scott Walker and the Republican legislature different, exempt from listening? Why can’t we object? Why can’t we demand the Republican majority stop and listen to us? Why don’t they compromise? Why isn’t a bipartisan bill better than the one party legislation they’re now trying to ram down the throats of the majority of Wisconsinites who didn’t vote for Republicans or didn’t vote at all? After all, it was a lower turnout, midterm election. Mandate my ass.

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