Monday, February 28, 2011

Senators Grothman and Darling aren't listening to the voters. They're not only proud of it, they think the protesters are outrageous.

Two things: The WKOW TV anchor first said, "Some projected the capitol clearing would lead to chaos and arrests, THAT didn't happen...." then a few breaths later, "Meanwhile Republican legislators are responding to the chaos downtown...."

Is there any serious thought put behind the words we hear from our news anchors? The one Republican that did respond, our new media whore Sen. Glenn Grothman, voiced what many Republicans are thinking in this phone interview about the crowds allowed to stay overnight in the capitol.

Grothman: "In my 17 years as a legislator, we've never had anybody, except for this group, claim they had to be at the building at 2 in the morning in order to make their case. Um, does seem well, not all opponents of the bill are this outrageous. They seem to have collected the most outrageous group of supporters I could ever imagine on an issue.
This from an elected official who couldn't get enough of the disruptive tea party protesters at town halls. Democrats had to listen to THEM, but Republicans don't have to listen to the half million workers, families and students who showed up over the last two weeks. Outrageous?

This goes double for State Sen. Alberta Darling. A group of citizens gathered to organize a recall of Sen. Darling. They said Darling ISN'T LISTENING TO THEIR CONCERNS....! She responded this way:

Darling: "For this issue, it makes me say in my mind I'm gonna do what I think is right, and that is a test of my integrity and my mettle..."
If only Democrats had said that about health care reform and the public option.

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