Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gov. Scott Walker Duped by Phony Koch brother Phone Call. Ian Murphy from Buffalo Beast, Thom Hartmann explain. Hear it all here.

It looks like the Imperial Walker is going to have to try and explain this one away. Buffalo Beast's Ian Murphy explains what happened to Thom Hartmann:

Now, according to the Huffington Post:
Over at the Buffalo Beast -- the former print alt-weekly turned online newspaper founded by onetime editor Matt Taibbi, typically best known for its annual list of "The 50 Most Loathsome Americans" -- there appear to be recordings of a phone call between Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and current editor Ian Murphy. Now, why on earth would Scott Walker want to talk on the phone with the editor of an online site in Buffalo? 
I wasn't able to bring up the site, it may have crashed, but here's part of the transcript. For the whole written conversation click here:

Here's part 2 of Gov. Walker's conversation with the Koch impostor from the Buffalo Beast:

Koch: Scott! David Koch. How are you?

Walker: Hey, David! I’m good. And yourself?

Koch: I’m very well. I’m a little disheartened by the situation there, but, uh, what’s the latest?

Walker: Well, we’re actually hanging pretty tough. I mean—you know, amazingly there’s a much smaller group of protesters—almost all of whom are in from other states today. The State Assembly is taking the bill up—getting it all the way to the last point it can be at where it’s unamendable. But they’re waiting to pass it until the Senate’s—the Senate Democrats, excuse me, the assembly Democrats have about a hundred amendments they’re going through. The state Senate still has the 14 members missing but what they’re doing today is bringing up all sorts of other non-fiscal items, many of which are things members in the Democratic side care about. And each day we’re going to ratchet it up a little bit…. The Senate majority leader had a great plan he told about this morning—he told the Senate Democrats about and he’s going to announce it later today, and that is: The Senate organization committee is going to meet and pass a rule that says if you don’t show up for two consecutive days on a session day—in the state Senate, the Senate chief clerk—it’s a little procedural thing here, but—can actually have your payroll stopped from being automatically deducted—

Koch: Beautiful.

Walker: —into your checking account and instead—you still get a check, but the check has to be personally picked up and he’s instructing them—which we just loved—to lock them in their desk on the floor of the state Senate.


  1. Hooray for the blogger. Walker is a Koch croney/crook and now we all know. Thank you!

  2. Looks like the phony got duped. I applaud Gov. Walker...and support him even more after hearing this phone call. Seems like it backfired on the left. Too bad.

  3. Looks like the Walker dupe, got duped. But then that's not surprising, since that would help explain Walker winning his election.

    A warning to conservatives so determined to bring about their idea of freedom and liberty, under the heavy hand of industry, these unelected fiefdoms will eventually enslave a desperate under employed public with forced low wages and few benefits. What else would explain the reduction in wages over the last 20 years.