Friday, February 18, 2011

Republican Sen. Fitzgerald shocked by Democratic Resistance to Union Bashing: "This is outrageous. They have shut down government."

The calls for deliberate, open bipartisan debate and compromise have faded with the Republican electoral win in Wisconsin. The evils of Democratic "one party rule" have given way to a more acceptable Republican takeover of the state capital. 

According to Republican leaders, the voters have spoken, and the Democratic Party will no longer be tolerated. 
Capital Times: Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, told reporters Friday that two state troopers are on their way to Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller's home in Monona. Miller will be escorted back to the Capitol if he is home when the troopers arrive, Fitzgerald said. 
"I am starting to hold Sen. Miller responsible for this," Fitzgerald said. "He is the elected leader of his caucus. Fitzgerald added that even if the Democrats showed up to vote, it is too late for any amendments to be added to the bill.
And oh, by the way, it’s not wise to resist the authoritarian demands of conservative one party rule:
Fitzgerald said the actions by Democrats have turned the Capitol into a "powder keg," adding the building has become difficult to move through, both for lawmakers and staffers.
"This is outrageous," Fitzgerald said. "They have shut down government."
Who shut down the government? What's outrageous is having such a clueless partisan leader of the senate who has turned a deaf ear to the protesters.

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