Thursday, February 24, 2011

Panelist for Gov. Walker's plan okay with taking whatever employer dishes out.

Channel 3000 WISC TV had an in studio panel react to one of the governors speech and got the kind of reaction you'd expect from both sides. One thing; the conservative panelist here complains that the private sector doesn't have all the union protections and he's just doing fine. Really?

Wages and gone down in the last decade, job security is out the window, the country has shed 8 million jobs since the crash...and he's doing well? In fact, he claims he doesn't want the ability to negotiate wages and benefits, essentially saying whatever the employer wants to give, that's it. 

I remember hearing a conservative caller on the radio emphatically stand up for a corporations ability to call the shots, saying whatever they offer, that's what you should get. 

Serfdom is here, and conservatives have convinced themselves corporate power is inevitable. After all, we need the jobs. 

The conservative supporter of Walker ignores the impact doing away with collective bargaining would have on our classrooms.  

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