Saturday, February 19, 2011

Song: "14 Senators" Fox News refuses to admit Collective Bargaining is the only real issue...union busting.....

14 Senators - a song by Ken Lonnquist (written 2-18-2011)

Keep in mind, the tea party is now on the side of big government power over individual worker rights. It's ironic to see the tea party flip flopping on their own hyperbolic agenda; they are trying to ram through, without compromise and without a lengthy debate, one parties conservative agenda? Aren't they listening to us?

Protesters in Madison are getting support from near and far, whether it's the offer of a couch to crash on near the Capitol or Ian's Pizza ordered from around the country. 
As of Friday, more than 200 people had been invited to a Facebook event aimed at finding out-of-town protesters a place to sleep. Capitol-area residents offer couches, sleeping bags and even floor space on the page, which is "in support of all American workers!" It can be found at 
And staff at Ian's Pizza one block west of the Capitol said Friday a couple dozen of their pies have gone to protesters — purchased by supporters from coast to coast.
People have called in orders from New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Illinois, Arizona and California, said Nick Stratman, a manager at Ian's. 
Love this Cap Times editorial headline: First Amendment remedies: How working Wisconsinites took their constitution back.

The following group of clips from Fox News exposes one issue they haven't found the right words to frame;  we want to break the nations unions. The Fox News host tries but fails to get anyone to acknowledge the fight over giving in on benefits is over, and collective bargaining is the one and only issue. Their actions are more than obvious, yet they can't quite come right out and say it.

Another thing you'll see over and over is the lack of maturity from conservatives who can't get over the idea that some people will not suffer as much as they are suffering. If their unemployed and can't find a job, why should government workers be happy.


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