Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sen. Fitzgerald's manufactured excuse on sending trouble makers into the crowd, "We talked about AFL-CIO individuals..."

Was that the best thing he could come up with? It didn't take long for the Republicans to come up with the most ridiculous excuse ever, to explain Gov. Walker's admission they talked about possibly trying to cause a clash of protesters. Lawrence O'Donnell asked point blank about sending trouble makers into the crowd, "is that something you discussed with the governor?"
Fitzgerald: "We talked about AFL-CIO individuals that might be in Wisconsin on Saturday, that uh, that may use those types of tactics to get some of the protesers agitated and some arrests. So, I'm not sure exactly if the governor was referring to the AFL-CIO..."
O'Donnell interrupted and play the Walker audio clip:

Fitzgerald: "Lawrence, that doesn't make no sense, we're trying to keep a lid on it here."

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